The Open Market - Brighton and Hove, UK The Open Market - Brighton and Hove, UK The Open Market - Brighton and Hove, UK

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The Open Market - Brighton and Hove, UK
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The Open Market - Brighton and Hove, UK

Charles Meloy with LCE Architects

The Open Market site occupies a strategic position in Brighton straddling between London and Ditchling roads. An analysis of the site in 2006 concluded that there were two main problems other than the general dilapidated state of the market buildings. Firstly the Market had a lack of presence on both London and Ditchling Roads and secondly the layout of the market compromised pedestrian movement by allowing vehicles to circulate the site.  

The proposed diagram created presence through the use of a covered walkway which extends all the way from London Road through the site to Ditchling Road and the successful redevelopment of The Level. The distinctive saw tooth canopy roof is used firstly to advertise the market to passing trade and then as a device to draw people into the centre of the scheme where vehicles are omitted and a new market square created. The market square is surrounded by stalls and is a flexible space with the ability to be used as an event space and visiting market at weekends.

Francis street, which runs parallel to the new Market, is reinstated as mews housing and is used for market deliveries and parking by the stall holders.

Unfortunately the scheme was moved forward without the services of LCE architects and has been finished without the integrity of the original diagram that underpinned the scheme.